Launching back into Literacy through Technology

Today was the first session of my “Best Practices in Literacy Education with Technology” class taught by librarian leader and teacher, Rachel V. Small. We have a nice group of teachers, media specialists and librarians who started by posting to Padlet our “Hopes and Dreams.” Then signing on to Twitter and learning how to use TweetDeck. There was a lot to learn about using Twitter including how to best write a tweet using a minimal amount of characters and using Twitter etiquette when quoting a speaker by using quotation marks when quoting ideas from someone else that we want to share with our followers. After lunch we opened up our Google plus accounts and created a community with our class members. Finally we explored Google blogger and learned how blogging in the classroom can help students not only share their writing with each other and the teacher but also to showcase it for the school community to illustrate how technology is being used to teach expression and writing in a paperless environment. Way to go! A lot was covered and I am still absorbing a lot of it.


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