Georgia Heard, guest speaker, facilitator

I am loving just about all the aspects to taking this course that there could possibly be. The weather, which has been just as I remembered it during the summer when I took courses at UNH many years ago, the quiet walks behind the library and the view of T-hall. Today I was pleasantly surprised by at least two other things. First, the work in progress at the back of my favorite building, Hamilton Smith. When I stopped and fumbled with getting my phone out of my purse to take a picture (see below) , a student stopped to ask if I needed help. I was juggling, along with my purse; a laptop, two Georgia Heard books and my water bottle.  Nothing surprising about that, students at UNH have always been polite, with each other and to their teachers, peers, and other UNH workers. The UNH spirit was prevailing today like the fine summer weather, even better, like the flags flying at full mast, which they haven’t been for such a very long time.

The other surprising detail about today was the confidence I felt during the writing prompt led by Georgia Heard, which was more of a brainstorming technique focusing on the writer within. So much more than that though because she tied it to our “hearts” which brought out so many of the reasons I love to read and write and help others to discover books that work for them. However, it was no surprise that Georgia was from West Palm Beach, as I attributed some of the feeling of comfort I was feeling to her southern style and professional ease of presentation. I was like surprised- but not, it made sense somehow. I immediately was drawn to her book “Awaking the Heart; Exploring Poetry in Elementary and Middle School.” I felt it was perfect for helping me with the small group of writers I work with in Pittsfield. For three years now we have hosted a Poetry Night where writers in the community can come for an “open mic” and read either their favorite poem or ones they have written themselves.

I have always enjoyed reading and attempting to write poetry. Maybe this will help me just as much as the writers. Thank you again for another great class, Rachel!





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One response to “Georgia Heard, guest speaker, facilitator

  1. Marni Smith

    I got so much out of Georgia’s presentation yesterday, too! I would be very interested in reading her poetry book, as well. I think it would be helpful for my poetry instruction for my students. I will have to add it to my must-read list.
    What a great idea to host a Poetry Night! That sounds like such a great way to get community members involved with the library.

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