A busy classroom is a learning hub

In today’s class we did a lot of exploration as Rachel encouraged each of us to explore new tools, apps and websites that would best serve us individually in our personal learning environments for ourselves or for our students. We started with a visit to the Global Read Aloud and then enjoyed the wonderful book by Peter H. Reynolds, “The Dot”  animated on You Tube. How wonderful that Emily Arrow wrote a song and played music to this book. This is something that I will definitely need to share with my children’s librarian.

After the fun introduction we attended a Ted Talk and all made comments on “Today’s Meet.” The Ted talk was about “Happy Maps” and made me think about literally “taking the road less traveled.” It was interesting how the speaker was able to apply math and science to a sociological principal about what makes people happy. It is not always the easiest, shortest routes that bring us the most enjoyment. It also made me connect thinking out of the box with becoming more tolerant of the diversity in our culture.

After the break we broke out into three different mini EdCamps to see how they worked. It was amazing that so many topics were offered. Something for everybody at least three times. These short intense breakouts were bursting with collaboration and learning. In one session I was able to establish the tools needed for making QR codes for my library! Thank you!

Aside from the nice lunch, punctuated with leisurely and internationally flavored discussions with classmate Beth Powers, ( @HavercampPowers ) the discussion about our book, PowerUpEd and the exploration of its corresponding  web resource was the most enlightening. It was a privilege to be a part of these hard working and dedicated teachers’ conversations about their challenges and their passions. I was reminded of how rewarding it can be to be an educator and help others so selflessly.



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  1. Georgia Brussard

    I loved the Ed Mini Camp too! What a great idea!

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