QR codes for the Teen Bookworms

Today was particularly challenging for me. I noticed that many of the participants in class were busy at their laptops applying and trying out many of the new technologies we have been introduced to. Now is the time to go from those small steps to the moon, I thought. But wait, who said I signed up to be an astronaut? I don’t really even like flying on a plane never mind a rocket ship! So Rachel suggested QR codes and I’m going with that. I’d like to ultimately pick an essay or poem and digitize it with some educational interactive graphics and links, which I am determined to do and share with these experts, but for now QR codes. Here is a list of the ones I have made so far. I hope those of you with QR apps will click on the codes and learn a little more about NHLA Flume initiatives as well as my library, Josiah Carpenter Library, in the cozy little town of Pittsfield, N.H.


The Library



Flume List



“The Testing” trailer





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