About Beverly

An Introduction

Despite the fact with the help and support of the Friends of the Martin County Public Library I had success obtaining my library degree from the University of South Florida in 1995,  I continued to have personal struggles with the loss of a second child in 1996. Fortunately a library school colleague of mine made a recommendation for me to Everlove and Associates where I became employed as a law librarian , my first actual job with that title, which came from having a degree and holding the trust that comes with knowing all aspects of running a library.  I worked for Everlove and Associates proudly for four years full time until I was blessed with my second full term child in 2000, ( my own beautifully healthy baby girl).  Thereafter I continued working part time filing, updating various legal publications and helping lawyers find legal publications and resources up until the time I decided, as a single parent, to move with my children back to New England.

Professionally I have had the fortune to work in a multitude of library forums including two elementary school media centers, three publlic libraries and a state public safety facility. All this experience has helped me to formulate a good, positive sense about the purpose and function of libraries in general, that combined with a background in English teaching has confirmed in me a belief that most library missions mirror what they started out as:  an effort to involve and extend reading resources out into our communities for the greater purpose of enlightening all of its citizenry. The way in which those resources are delivered is where a degree comes in handy. . . for it is a delicate matter, one that requires intelligent sensitivity and an absolute objectivity to individual and diverse needs.

My understanding of this was exemplified by the work I did with some talented individuals while working as Adult Services Librarian at the Fort Pierce Branch Library in St. Lucie County. These wonderful professionals starting with the director, Susan Kilmer and her staff members were supportive of my role as program developer for the library. In addition to the staff at the library I was able to collaborate with other community members, including past law library patrons, Florida storytellers, artists, authors, and illustrators to create an environment where the historic fabric of the community was cultivated and lifted to the conscience of community members from many socio-economic walks of life.

Underlying all of my efforts to create these programs was one common element. For librarians I guess it is obvious. The love and desire to have an enjoyable reading experience. . . .so with that goal still in my heart I am stepping out on a new platform, the wierd and sometime solitary internet forum, to again share with those who are drawn to the same types of reading experiences, and share them. I will post some experimental book reviews and some general thoughts about what I have been reading lately, what I recommend and have read in the past, and what I think are general good leads for people to investigate for themselves. I hope you’ll take the time to browse if you’re from the North, or surf if you live by the ocean,  this space and share your own inspiration and opinions when and if they fall on you.


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