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April Fools 2016

April Fools 2016


Reminiscent of orange-grey dystopian futures,

But it’s not the year 2,200.

Fortunately, I can breathe the freshly oxygenated air

Recently liberated from the evergreens.

Eerily still and deathly silent is the forest; today.

Though various native and winter over birds have been visiting

Our sunny feeder for months; not today.

Even the ballooned up fatty squirrels are nowhere.

The dogs don’t want to pee.

Eerie. Still.

The great mother sky is so grey that it is white.

So white that it is a kin to its opposite;

Almost blinding in its cold, frigid darkness,

Blanketing a spell on us.

It just moved in, after a winter of spring days,

Paralyzing us in a state of defense, leaving us in wonder,

feeling lied to.

What kind of stuff will ambush us?

@Beverly Pietlicki 4/2/2016


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